Intra and Interstate Escorting & Traffic Control

Magna Service Agency provides the trucking industry with experienced, safe, professional, dependable and certified pilot car, escort vehicles and pole cars for over-dimensional / over-weight loads.

Safety, community relations and on-time operation are topics of tremendous importance in the Gas and Oil industry. Magna Service Agency’s Driver / Escort and Flagging personnel can provide the answer to each of these significant issues.

Our Driver / Escorts help move loads safely with the least possible delays and inconvenience to the driving public. Magna’s Flaggers are trained, certified through PennDOT and have the experience to create a safe work zone.Magna provides multiple invaluable services to their clients, which many times not provided by other similar companies. These services include, but are not limited to:

Modern Vehicle Fleet (2016 or Newer)

  • Equipped with Light Bar, CB Radio & Cell Phones
  • Printed Maps & Traffic Control Plans including Written Documentation of Vehicles Escorted
  • Portable generators & Night-time Lighting
  • Public Information Signage
  • Senior Management Assistance with Scouting Staging Locations, Planning of Routes and Determining Employee Requirements
  • 24/7 Field Supervision
  • Supervisor Attendance at Safety Meetings
  • Route Surveys
  • High Pole & Chase Vehicles – New York and Washington State Certified
  • PennDOT Certified Flaggers
  • All Employees Subject to Drug Testing (Random, Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion)
  • Pennsylvania State Certified Safety Committee


Magna Service Agency employs five full-time roving field supervisors ensuring all work is done correctly and in a professional manner. The field supervisors are fully trained as both Driver/Escorts and as Flaggers. In the event of an emergency our field supervisors can step in and perform either function safely and proficiently. Our supervisors play an essential role in ensuring all of our jobs run smoothly. In addition to the field supervisors, Magna’s Director of Operations can assist our clients with preplanning for all the different scenarios we may encounter while doing the task at hand. For Oversized loads we employee a full time Manager to plan all routes, run surveys and help move the load as safely as possible with the least possible delay and inconvenience to the driving public. Having an experienced and trained Pilot/Escort driver for any over-sized or over-weight vehicle movement is an advantage that cannot be overlooked.

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